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On Privacy

My favorite part of the school day was getting dressed for class. (It seems frivolous to go on about this, but hear me out.) I’ve spent my junior year developing a personal aesthetic. I started wearing clothes that I feel accurately represent myself. The way I expressed myself externally finally reflected the way I’ve perceived myself internally. When I got dressed, I would try on new colors, new pieces, and new arrangements that felt like myself. I’m not a fashion expert by any means, but I took pride in what I looked like every day because I was confident in my choices. However, since classes have moved online, that’s changed. Now, I lay in bed, without the carefully curated version of myself that I want to show the class that day. Getting dressed every morning gave me control over the way I was perceived by my classmates. Now, I’ve lost the desire to put what I feel is my best face forward. In fact, I might be showing my worst face. I cycle through the same pajamas every week, strug…

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